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Terri Hendrixs, Herschel Savage

Terri Hendrixs has had the strangest day. She just got off work as a babysitter and she was banging her boyfriend on the job there. The owner of the house caught them though and rather than fire her she just fucked them both. It was intense, but she also refused to give her a ride home and kept her boyfriend for herself for the night. So Terri was looking for a ride and Herschel Savage happened to be the man to pick her up. Lamenting her problems and telling him about them he says he knows a way to get back at them.

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Autumn Haze, Chuck Martino, Marc Cummings

Autumn Haze has run away from home. She wasn't happy there and no one seemed to respect her or her opinion so it's off to a new town with new people and better opportunities. She's sure she'll find someone that cares about her, or will at least fake it better than her family. On her way into town she runs across Chuck Martino and John Doe at the train station and they suggest maybe she'd like to make some new friends. Going to the nearby rest-room they get to know one another better by dropping their pants.

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Sabrina Johnson, Dave Hardman

If you weren't sure if Sabrina Johnson was a dirty little nympho then let this scene with Dave Hardman serve as a lesson to you for doubting in your instincts. She's certainly not a very oversize person in any way, so we can safely say she will always be little. Her tits are perfectly sized to her body though, so we won't ever call her micro. She's got enough desire for meatstick to want to suck an entire football team in a night, so we'll give her nympho too. As for the dirty, well that's what you're learning about.

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Brandy Starz, Brian Surewood

Brady Starz' loins are frothing and Brian Surewood the bang clown is here to put a dick between them to bring them back down to their less frothy selves. In the class room Brandy is a very strict and dominant teacher. She maintains control of her class the same way she maintains control of her life. But there's something about clown makeup that gets her going in a way that even she can't control and her boyfriend Brian knows it. So he shows up at her job to give her the kind of deep dicking on her desk she loves.

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Jeanie Rivers, Adam Wood

Jeanie Rivers came in to find one of her friend's Fathers out bitter on the ground and couldn't help noticing the oversize boner he had. She'd never fucked an older stud before, and had always had a thing for Adam Wood so she started undoing his pants to see if he'd wake. When he didn't and his tool was out she started blowing it a bit. He didn't rouse at all so she stripped and started riding him right there on the floor, taking the whole length in her innocent tight beaver until he finally came to and helped her out.

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Angel Long, Brian Surewood

Angel Long has just started working at the mortuary when she has to set up her first room. It's a oversize job and a big responsibility. What she isn't expecting is how much she likes the work. It's not too complicated, but a matter of proper organization. Once everything is set she's sure she's done but then something catches her eye. The coffin is slightly open and inside there sounds like there's breathing. Brian Surewood wanted to watch her do her job and all it's done is make him horny, so he jumps out.

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Saphire Rae, Mr. Pete, Alec Metro

Saphire Rae is the type of tramp who is always going to stand out in a crowd, because she has a rather unusual look. She is also about as cute as can be, knowing that she's going to be overwhelming two meatsticks with her sex appeal. Mr. Pete and Alec Metro knows that she's going to be driving them wild, so they're going to take her on at the same time in order to try to gain the upper hand. These dudes are going to get her going good in a MMF threesome, leaving her moaning and whimpering as she takes on inch after inch of shaft.

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Rachel Rotten, Rob Rotten

Rachel Rotten was told that she was going down the wrong path in life and that there was nothing down there but confusion and misery but she didn't see it that way. She was in love with her man and she wanted to get the chance to spend her life with him now. So she moved away with Rob Rotten and they got married in Vegas once they were both old enough and had the cash. Now they live in a crash pad that they've painted themselves, fucking all day and loving life in a way their square parents never could.

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Brittney Alexander, Johnny Thrust

Johnny Thrust is getting his fuck on with a nice young bitch that requires a huge tool. She's just started her new job at a funeral home and he's there to work a few things out for a family member. When he sees her though he doesn't care about anything but trying to get his own version of celebrating life going, with her as the main attraction. They go up to the front of one of the rooms she set up and after a little coaxing she falls to her knees and starts mouthing his tool right in front of a coffin.

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